Did You Know

Did you know that 1 pound of fat contains 3500 calories?

FACT: 1 pound of muscle will burn 30-50 calories a day while 1 pound of fat will only burn about 3 calories a day.

Regardless of what your fitness goals are you need to include strength training. I have found that a lot of women don’t think they need weights and will avoid them at all costs.  This is a big mistake but an understandable one. Let me put your fears to rest:  Lifting weights will NOT make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Gaining fat and gaining muscle are both (in terms of volume) related to what you are eating and how much you are eating. However, if you want to have a lean-mean-fat-fighting physique then you need to start trading in fat mass for lean body mass.  So the next time you are at the gym – lift some weights. Be sure to challenge yourself – picking up weights that FEEL LIGHT TO YOU won’t help you much. It should be difficult but doable.


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