O2 GOLD: The Third Lung

I finally tried AdvoCare’s O2 Gold yesterday for my last distance paced run before Seattle Marathon 2009.  This stuff is AWESOME!!!

Normally it takes my body roughly 5 miles to get into train mode (steady focused paced). However, with O2 gold it only took my body about 2 miles. I didn’t have to concentrate so hard on keeping myself relaxed. Being the visual person that I am, I used to have to imagine little lungs in the back of my calves taking in deep breaths and relaxing on every exhale.  With O2 Gold this relaxation came naturally. It was like all my systems – physical, mental and neurological united in harmony – there was no fight or struggle for balance – everything worked together with great ease and fluidity.

O2 Gold is a new staple in my AdvoCare Marathon Fuel. Whether you are a competitive athlete or casual exerciser, O2 Gold is great for anyone who wants to take their level of physical activity to the next stage. By increasing oxygenation to cells your body will be able to work harder and longer with speedier recovery.

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O<sub>2</sub> GOLD™

The Power of  O2 GOLD:

  • Helps optimize your body’s use of oxygen so you can power through your workouts
  • Contains key adaptogens to help the body adjust to stress
  • Helps fuel endurance and muscle recovery
  • Excellent support for athletic training and competition
  • Antioxidant activity helps counter effects of free radicals
  • Supports body’s immune system
  • Contains easily digestible whey protein
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