Simple Food Facts

The foundation of our wellbeing: physically, emotionally & mentally is set upon what we feed our bodies.  Food is fuel and in a way you truly are what you eat.

These are some basic concepts to keep in mind when planning meals or improving your eating habits:

Starchy Carbs = easy to over-eat & any surplus not burned off goes to fat storage.

  • The Brain operates on sugar and when you eat bagels or potatoes your body turns them into sugar and delivers them to your cells quickly = this makes your brain happy and leaves you wanting more.

Fruits & Veggies = rich in carbs, low in calories & digest more slowly. Choose Carbs Wisely

  • Eat starchy quick-digesting carbs only during, right after & before physical activity = when it’s important to get food that can be quickly digested & converted to fuel.
  • Eat fruits & veggies in all other cases for carb intake.
  • If eating 50-55% starchy carbs = risk changing metabolism from fat burning to sugar burning.
  • The body is adaptable – it will switch over to burn whatever you are feeding it most.

Pair carbs with protein (whenever possible) = lean meats, nut butters, fish & eggs

  • This slows digestion so you feel full sooner, get even energy from meals & stay full longer.
  • Amino acids in protein help repair, build & maintain muscle tissue
  • As body becomes more conditioned it becomes better fat burner

Need ample amounts of Healthy Fat (which won’t make you fat). Starchy foods turn to stored fat much more quickly. Healthy unsaturaed fats are essential for firing up fat burning metabolism

  • Fat will help you train and exercise longer so you can burn more calories.
  • Athletes that get about 50+ percent of their diet from fat produce better average times to exhaustion in exercise than those eating typical low-fat/high-carb diets.
  • Add healthy fats to every meal = about 20% of calories from MUFA (monounsturated fatty acids).
  • Include small portions of good fats = almonds (nuts & seeds), avocados, olive oil (occasionally dark chocolate) with all meals and snacks.

Sugar = causes body to step-up insulin production, which blocks hormones that control appetite – as a result, food you eat is quickly stored as fat & still you’re always hungry.

Loss of muscle mass & calcium from bones - if not getting most of carbs from fruit & veggies.

Eat mostly whole foods that are part of an animal or plant

Breakfast = key that starts fat-burning metabolism – eat 25% of daily calories at morning meal – should incude PROTEIN, HEALTHY FAT & FIBER-RICH CARBS (fruit).


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