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Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you wish you had more energy? Have you dreamed of being stronger and more muscular?

Do you want to be a better athlete? Live a longer Life? Or simply feel better emotionally and physically?

Wherever you are headed in life, whatever goal you are striving for however near or far it may seem, you can get there with AdvoCare. This amazing company offers you the opportunity to invest in yourself and others in multiple ways. Their products are unlike any other on the market today. Backed by cutting edge science with a board of doctors who are all experts in their field and hundreds of unpaid endorsers from all walks of life who are today, living a better life because of Advocare. Not only do they offer outstanding nutritional supplements they offer you a chance to build your own business and share your success with others.

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Three years ago I began seeing a personal trainer. I had no idea just how dramatically my life would eventually change. Although I have never struggled with weight, I was living with a very poor idea of what a healthy lifestyle was. I began doing all kinds of things I had never done before and feeling better than I had ever felt. About a year into my new healthy life AdvoCare came along. When my trainer mentioned their products and how great they were I didn’t hesitate. I bought everything she recommended. When she suggested I become a distributor I signed up and when she wanted a partner to reach advisor status with the Line of Two, I followed through.

My first order was for the Cleanse, Catalyst, MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System) vitamin strips, Spark and Meal Replacement Shakes. For me, what I found most striking were the MNS strips. The first day I felt completely in control of what I was eating and it was easy to make smart decisions. I just felt incredibly balanced. Soon after becoming an advisor I began training for my first marathon. Today I am a 5 time marathon finisher and athlete.

As a test, the last two marathons I ran, I used solely AdvoCare products. For number 4 I used Spark, Rehydrate, Slam and Excel Gel. I beat my best marathon time by 20 minutes. For number 5, I used the same products but added in 02 Gold. I beat marathon number 4 by 20 minutes. Do you see the pattern here? More than just being faster, I had so much more fun – I felt awesome!! From beginning to end I felt vigorously alive, full of positive energy. I didn’t hit a wall, I wasn’t shuffling to the finish – it was unbelievable! These products trip out your physical and mental restraints and allow you to access your full potential and then increase it. That is the best way I can describe what it is like when you are running with AdvoCare.

These staggering results are what ultimately drove me to seek out the business. My journey with AdvoCare has only just begun. The message I have to share is this: when you feel better, you can’t help but live better. If you think you feel good now, just wait until you try AdvoCare.

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