Physio-ball Training

The physio-ball  is one of the most versatile and valuable pieces of fitness equipment you can own. There are hundreds of different exercises you can perform using the ball to improve posture, balance, flexibility, and overall strength and conditioning.

Having a strong core can improve your performance in all activities including sports and simple day to day tasks. The ball actively engages your core stabilizers which forces you to work more than one muscle group at a time. Any serious athlete should highly consider integrating the physio-ball into their training routine. Not only will in enhance your athletic performance it will also help prevent against injuries.

Listed below are a few links to where you can find specific routines and instructions for physio-ball training.  These are all resources I use and like to refer back to ensure I am using correct form.

Pure Sky Vaulting

Physio-Ball Excercises

Physio-Ball Training

Physio-Ball Guide

Biomechanics of Runnings

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