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BIOTOOLS: a two-supplement system designed for your specific stage of life.

Featuring AdvoCare BioTune and BioCharge.

In the cover story of its January 6, 2010 edition, “Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny,” Time Magazine details the discovery that environment and nutrition can regulate how we access our genetic code. As part of this discovery, a new frontier in the study of gene expression has emerged. This science is known as epigenomics.


Geared specifically to the baby boomer generation and those suffering from the ailments of aging, BIOTOOLS utilizes the newest cutting edge science of epigenomics to correct and heal the degenerative process of aging.

6:15PM Monday, February 8th, 2010 – Portland, OR

Dr. Mark Miller and vice president Debra Fisser explain the revolutionary science behind BIOTOOLS

Featuring AdvoCare BIOTUNE™ and BIOCHARGE™
to tune and charge your body.*

Play more with BIOCHARGE™*

  • Enjoy the active lifestyle you deserve with BIOCHARGE™
  • Charges your body to play on and helps with performance and recovery*
  • Formulated with branch chain amino acids, antioxidants, and polyphenols
  • Helps with cellular and muscle repair, accelerating recovery time*
  • Promotes lean muscle mass and performance*
  • Provides a caffeine-free source of energy*
  • 30-day supply of flavored stick packs

Play better with BIOTUNE™*

  • Return to the top of your game with BIOTUNE™*
  • Includes a unique a herbal/nutrient blend that helps support cardio, bone and joint, and gastrointestinal systems*
  • Tunes and encourages your body to function at its highest level*
  • Formulated with botanicals associated with anti-inflammatory properties*
  • Promotes internal balance and healthy aging*
  • Encourages youthful responses to physical stress and challenges*

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Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny

How You Can Change Your Genes

The Human Epigenome, Decoded


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