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Recently, in October, I participated in the Portland Marathon. It was my fourth marathon and truly unlike any other. If you are a runner or athlete of any kind you know how important it is to keep yourself hydrated and properly fueled with sports drinks, gels and what not. I have tried numerous products but NOTHING compares to AdvoCare.

My last three marathons all left me very depleted at the finish line – the end has always been a hard push. However I ran Portland Marathon 2009 entirely on Advocare products and I felt like a true ROCK STAR!! I didn’t hit a wall, I was full of energy and I remained strong all the way to the finish line. Friends and family met me at various spots along the course to provide me with Slams, Excel Gels, and Rehydrate and Spark drinks. Like a well oiled machine I chugged my way to the end, grinning all the way.

excelgelMy AdvoCare fueling consisted of Excel Gel, Slam & premixed Spark & Rehydrate.


Unfortunately AdvoCare is not currently carrying the Excel Gel right now but hopefully they will bring it back soon. Its  unique combination of 3 carbohydrates provide nourishing fuel to your body. It works both immediately and over time to sustain optimal performance. Say goodbye to muscle cramps and upset stomachs!!

Spark gives your body clean energy and mental focus while Rehydrate replenishes your electrolyte levels.

Slam is a B vitamin super-booster that will keep you chugging up your toughest hill. I like to take this around mile 17 or 18 to finish strong.

I KNOCKED 20 MINUTES OFF MY BEST MARATHON TIME and had the time of my life!!

Overjoyed by this awesome achievement I Just had to run Seattle Marathon again!! I wasn’t planning on running but I was hungry for another victory!! So about 8 weeks after Portland Marathon I found myself in Seattle. While everyone was home enjoying Thanksgiving I was getting ready to RUN.  For this marathon I used the same products and added in 1 more: O2 Gold.

advocare_02goldWould you believe that I KNOCKED 20 MINUTES OFF PORTLAND MARTHON!!? Well believe it because I did.

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